6 things to do differently when on holiday

Schedule plenty of down time:

We all know how tempting it can be when we visit somewhere new to want to see it all.  But by scheduling in down time, we can avoid being completely exhausted at the end of our trip and have maximum energy to put into the things that we do.  No one wants to be nodding off at a game because they are too tired to enjoy it.

Keep packing list with:

For those doing a multi-destination trip or holiday, bring a list of items to check off each time you move, so that there is no ‘oh no I forgot that’ feeling on arrival at the next place.

Pack things to keep stress at bay:

Bring items such as a pillow for long distance travelling and earphones. Practical items make for a happier trip. No one wants to be tired and grumpy because they have been kept up all night.

Avoid crowds:

Sometimes this can’t be avoided if we want to see the top holiday attractions. Unless we get up early and before everyone else arrives. So for top attractions arrive before the crowds do or even better… go to the places that are off the beaten track or where the locals go.  Not only will there be the opportunity to see the destination in its authentic glory, we get to avoid all the queuing and pressure of a packed atmosphere.

Don’t go straight for the big chain hotel option:

They may be recognisable and are great for one night. Anything from a couple of days opens up the possibilities. B&B’s, guest houses and serviced apartments are other great options.  Serviced apartments offer home like accommodation with the services of a hotel at competitively better prices so give the best of both worlds. Give them a go if you haven’t already.

Keep what we enjoy in mind.

Ok so Trip advisor says that a particular museum is the top thing to do but we would rather find a nice bistro or bar, the do so.  Top attractions are only a guide.

5 Things About Serviced Apartments Your Boss Wants To Know

1. Are they expensive?

You get more for your money compared to a hotel room so serviced apartments work out cheaper! Utilities, Wi-Fi, TV licences etc. are included along with a completely equipped kitchens and much more space than a hotel room could ever offer.

2. What is included?

The vast majority of serviced apartments include maid service, concierge, a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, Utilities, amenities such as a washer/dryer and ample living space as a minimum. Others have additional services such as meeting/ conference rooms, gym and restaurant facilities available. This makes them perfect as temporary accommodation when relocating staff or for business trip.

3. What is the difference between a hotel room and a serviced apartment?

Hotels sell rooms and that is what you get. Serviced apartments offer additional rooms including lounge and kitchens so serviced apartments are always a winner for long stays as opposed to hotels. In fact anything over a few days and sack the hotel idea! Also money is saved and people are happy when they can relax and feel at home.

4. Why use an agent?

Agencies (or booking websites) have worked hard to source all the best accommodation and at the best rate. You probably have a million and one things to do so save the hassle scouring through multiple websites when the experts can do the hard work for you for free. Also as agencies list so many different properties, they are unbiased so can offer what really suits your needs.

5. What’s the best way to book?

For short term bookings of a few nights, it is easiest to simply book online.  For longer stays you can either enquire about a particular apartment or book online and for those of you who want the easiest option – simply give an agent your date, budget, location and number of guests and they will find the best options for you to choose from.  So they do all the hard work and you get what you want!

Why you should visit Edinburgh – From a local’s perspective

edinburgh-skyline1Having lived in Edinburgh for four years, I know how superbly wonderful it is!  I was part tourist and part local so I aim to give you a concise yet jammed packed guide to this wonderful city. All the best bits I promise you. Enjoy these and your stay whether in one of our Edinburgh holiday apartments or not, will be a good one!


If you fancy dining out there is a plethora of amazing places to eat.  For posh nosh go to the well-respected Witchery on the Royal Mile or one of the 5 Michelin starred restaurants in Edinburgh.  I recommend The Kitchin which has been named the ‘Best restaurant in Scotland’ before and is owned by Tom and Michaela Kitchin who have ensured the British seasonal food and staff are wonderful. It is located in the trendy and quieter Commercial Quay.

Vittoria Itallian restaurant either in Leith or George 4th Bridge is absolute must for the friendliest staff and best Italian food in the city! Family run and a locals favourite.

If staying in one of our Edinburgh holiday apartments and going to cook a feast, then a trip to Crombies of Edinburgh Butchers on the lovely Broughton Street is a solid recommendation. Broughton Street is also home to quirky Real Foods, a favourite of my vegan friend and somewhere I used a lot too. Findlay’s of Portobello is well worth a visit too for ‘in my opinion’ Edinburgh finest haggis, gluten free too!

Favourite delicatessens have to be Valvona and Crolla and Peckhams. These are great if you want to pick up some delights for your apartment.


Please visit Elephant House.  Still unassuming despite its reputation as the birth place of Harry Potter where J.K Rowling would sit and write. Hands down one of the best tea and coffee houses in Edinburgh and in a fantastic location between the Royal mile and Grassmarket.



Edinburgh Castle. Do I need to explain why? Well ok, not only is it the only castle to never have been successfully penetrated by invasion due to it sitting on a hill but it also is home to the Crown Jewels. More than anything else, it is stunning!

The Palace of Holyrood.  For those who love the Royal family, you can do a tour of the palace. I did it and it was interesting to understand more on Mary Queen of Scots.

Walk the Royal mile from the Castle to The Palace full of shops to browse but I recommend getting a bit lost by wandering the narrow cobble streets, they are fascinating and full of charm. See our Edinburgh holiday apartments for somewhere to stay.

The Museums. Check out the National Portrait Gallery, Natural History museum, National Museum of Scotland and Scottish National Gallery.  The museums are free but if you want to enjoy feeling like a child again then the science museum is for you. I loved it but there is a fee.  Also the Surgeons Hall is fantastic for those who are interested in medicine, bits of bodies in jars and how Edinburgh was and still is super important for the medical field. A personal favourite but there is a small charge.


If you can, climb Arthurs Seat.  It looks difficult but it’s not and when you’re at the top, there is no better view of Edinburgh!  I have spent many days up there taking in the sights along with glorious fresh air. Arthurs Seat can be seen from these holiday apartments.

Climb Scots Monument for a fantastic view.  It’s cramped in there but give it a go. Then walk the sumptuous Princes Street Gardens.  Relaxing in summer with people picnicking, mesmerising in winter with the Christmas Market and attractions.


Night time tours: Edinburgh is the most haunted city in Europe apparently, so if you like being spooked do a night-time walking ghost tour, not actually the scariest of things but finding out about Edinburgh’s dark past is both inviting and chilling.

Also The Real Mary Kings Close Tour shows you the remainder of the streets that lie below Edinburgh.  Yes, very intriguing!


Grassmarket area. Now if you like a pub as opposed to a swish bar, this is the area for you.  With Scottish pubs like Greyfriars Bobby (again with its own story) and the last drop, you can enjoy a quieter drink or you can choose to go to one of the many noisy Irish pubs, its true they are everywhere and not for everyone but usually have lots of music, fun and show sports especially if you are partial to a game of rugby. This area leads onto Cowgate area with more pubs and clubs.

George Street. If you prefer something a bit more stylish then George Street is the place for you. Tiger Lilly’s have the best cocktails but can be a bit pricy. Many people visiting are surprised that this street lined with designer stores in traditional buildings is home to Edinburgh’s most popular trendy nightclub scene.

Rose Street: A favourite with locals and full of pubs.  Bets recommendation is to start at the top and make your way down.


Go to the Stand Comedy Club.  Famed for giving big names a start and if you go at lunch time you get lunch and free comedy.  Who can be bad to that!


Not the UK’s No.1 shopping destination but there are more than enough.  Princes Street spans a mile of high street stores.  If you have got a few quid, Multree’s Walk with Harvey Nichols is a good choice and George Street is good for designer brands.

Ah and for vintage clothing lovers, Armstrong’s is a must! There are two stores, one in the Newington area and one in the Grass market area.


Well of course I am biased but since I have worked in serviced apartments I have never stayed in a hotel again. Nevertheless for those seeking a hotel, that’s great but for those clever cloggs of you who know what’s so much better about serviced apartments, you will be more than happy staying in any of our Edinburgh holiday apartments.

All fantastic quality and we offer from economy budget to top notch luxury with spa to rival the best hotels.

See our Edinburgh holiday apartments for somewhere to stay.  Enquire with us for best available rates. We are always happy to help and make sure you have an amazing time!

Review of Dublin Serviced Apartments


Staycity Serviced Apartments St Augustine Street are in a great location only approximately 8 minutes by bus to Dublin’s famous Temple Bar.  For those who would rather avoid the rather touristy Temple Bar area, the apartments are only approximately 13 minutes by bus to the popular Grafton Street.

As the apartments are centrally located they offer easy access to the attractions of Dublin and are also ideal for those on business.

staycity dublin serviced apartments view 3

We had a fantastic View of Dublin from these Dublin serviced apartments! The big patio windows offered loads of light and fresh air.

These Dublin serviced apartments are just around the corner from Ireland’s oldest pub The Brazen Head which is totally worth a visit for the atmosphere. This picture was taken early in the day so a good time to come for a lunch.  However it is towards the evening and night that the place really comes alive. The walls are covered with worldwide bank notes and comments from people who have visited from all over the world.

staycity serviced apartments dublin location 1

There are friendly unassuming staff in this establishment with good pub grub and pints of the black stuff.  You can get a better feel of ‘real’ Ireland and Irish people.  Fantastic live music and full of ‘the craic’.  A favourite with famous people visiting Dublin.

 The Apartment

These apartments have everything you need to feel comfortable at an amazingly low rate and without compromising on quality.

The kitchen, Dining & Living Space


staycity dublin kitchen 1

staycity dublin serviced apartments breakfast 1

The completely equipped kitchen and large dining table were perfect for cooking up and serving a full breakfast before we left for our day out.  There was a 24/hour shop around the corner so it was easy to pick up groceries.  This saved us on food costs, but not only that, we could eat at our leisure and feel relaxed.

I do have to admit there was a brilliant little chip shop beside the garage. One evening we just didn’t fancy going to a restaurant and didn’t fancy cooking, so we simply ordered in a take away and again had the benefit of doing what we wanted, when we wanted. There was also a dishwasher… Bonus!

The living space was large and there were plenty of seats between the dining table chairs, two soft sofa chairs and a large sofa… which we handily had changed into a sofa bed at night.

The sofa bed did have its functional problems but when I mentioned this to staff, they were in fact waiting on new ones to resolve this, so the service is second to none.

The Bathroom & Laundry Facilities

Dublin serviced apartments 2

As expected, the bathroom was clean and bright with clean towels appropriate to the number of guests staying and some little toiletries (for those of us who always forget them).

I would recommend that for those who like to lie in after 9am and especially if there are a few of you, to flip the switch outside the bathroom to keep the water piping hot. Or even better, simply read the information booklet on arrival (we didn’t).

As we weren’t staying long enough to need to do washing, we didn’t but we did use the iron/ ironing board.  The laundry facilities make these apartments perfect for those who need to stay in Dublin for slightly longer, perhaps on business.

The Bedrooms

Staycity Dublin Serviced Apartments bedroom

The double beds were massive! I shared with a friend and I didn’t even know she was there because the bed had enough space for us to peacefully sleep. There was loads of storage space too!

The Staff

The staff were brilliant! Very friendly and organised taxis for us.  We even had cupcakes in our room on arrival.

The Verdict 

Cost effective, clean, modern and quiet apartments that are well connected to the sites and sounds of Dublin with everything you need for both a short or long stay. With friendly staff who always say hello and are happy to help!

Enquire or call us on (0)208 520 0244

Holiday Travel in 2014

Whose Travelling

Younger people are the most positive about 2014 travel with 29% of 16-24 year old’s saying they will spend more on holidays than in 2013. Along with the baby boomer’s aged 55-64 increasing their number of breaks. It is great to hear that many people are trying to holiday more than they have done so in recent years.

Where Are You Going?

UK Destinations that look set to continue to be big for city breaks include London, Manchester, York, Blackpool and Edinburgh. Popular Brit long haul destinations include Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean in 2014. South East Asia is a returning favourite for UK holidaymakers in 2014.

Fun Travel Trend – See TV Locations In The Flesh

There has been a boom in people wanting to visit film or TV show locations this year such as New Mexico, home to arguably one of the most popular TV series of all time, Breaking Bad!

Breaking Bad

Along with strong demand for tours in Northern Ireland to visit locations used in the popular Game of Thrones TV series, where visitors can explore the stunning Causeway coast and Glens. We have holiday apartments in Belfast which is a bustling revamped city within easy access to the Game of Thrones tours and stunning Causeway coast.

Game of Thrones - serviced apartments in Belfast

The continuing popularity of Downton Abbey will encourage many to visit stately homes across the UK.

Travel Apps

Travel apps have gotten smart and it looks like they will continue to get smarter as gadgets will continue to shrink and get smarter with phalets (smartphone-tablet hybrids).

Travel companies will continue to provide digital assistance to make travel more convenient on mobile devices.

I have to say, personally my favourite and most used travel app is from EasyJet. The European flight operator offers my most convenient travel app and I think all flight operators should adopt… and probably will.

You can book via your smartphone, check in via your smartphone, and scan your boarding pass at the airport via your smartphone.  Simple! No paper, no hassle plus you can track your flight so know whether there are delays before leaving for the airport… all from your smartphone or hand held device.

Travel App Easyjet

Serviced Apartments Industry Is Booming

Hotels have been ingrained in people’s mind for so long and they do serve a good purpose however the benefits serviced apartments have been less known especially for holiday travellers. But this is changing because it is ‘boom time’ for the industry.

People are realising the benefits of serviced apartments for both holiday and business travel. Simon Calder who is Britain’s leading travel commentator believes this is an exciting time for the serviced apartment industry and what it offers to “improving the lives of us lucky travellers”.

To enquire about serviced apartments – Simply give us a call or enquire 

The benefits of serviced apartments for holidays

Holiday serviced apartments


Serviced apartments for holidays are up to 30% cheaper than hotel equivalents.  This applies whether you’re on a budget or are seeking luxury accommodation. You get much more for your money because you can maximise on space with apartments catering for up to 8 guests and you can utilise a sofa bed or extra bed as many serviced apartments offer these.


As serviced apartments for holidays have a fully equipped kitchen, you can choose when to eat in and dine out.  No longer will you have to abide by hotel dining times and you can save money in the process.


Whether you want to eat a take away, sprawl out on the sofa or simply have more than one room to live in during your stay, with serviced apartments you can.  When you book a hotel room, it is generally exactly that, ‘a hotel room’.  With serviced apartments for holidays, you get much more space!

You have a dining area so no more eating on the bed and this gives you the chance to eat in and relax instead of eating out in a crowded restaurant all the time.

You have a living room ideal for taking it easy after a long day sightseeing where you can use the Wi-Fi to catch up on emails or update your social media so your family and friends can see how your are getting on.  If you do fancy watching the TV like you would at home, you can… it’s your holiday after all.

You can have a quick shower or bath and crash in your comfortable bed.


Serviced apartments for holidays are located in prime central areas great for easy connections to transport links in the city of your choice and within walking distance of key attractions.  Of course serviced apartments for holidays are near shops, restaurants and bars.  You can enjoy browsing the shops, taking in the local night-life and then find it easy getting back to your apartment.

Hotel services

Serviced apartments for holidays are no average holiday rental.  You will receive maid service, linen and towels along with a concierge who will be able to assist you. If there is no concierge on hand there is always 24/7 assistance. Many serviced apartments for holidays offer car parking service. If there is a gym, spa or any other facilities such as meeting rooms, you can make use of these!

Budget serviced apartment’s offer all these services and luxury serviced apartments offer even more. From luxury welcome hampers to room service!

Home from home

You can cook up a gourmet meal in your kitchen, perhaps after visiting one a tempting delicatessen or store.  Or you can simply rustle up a quick sandwich or late night snack.

Call us on 0208 520 0244 or enquire now

14 Top Travel Tips | By Citywide Serviced Apartments

Top Travel Tips

  1. Call your bank or Credit Card Company before you leave and let them know you are going away. No one needs banking problems when in a foreign country ‘cough cough’ me.
  2. Take notes of your day because you may not remember all the quirky details as much as you think you will. Makes for an interesting read after you leave.
  3. Don’t pack what you can get at your accommodation. i.e. a hairdryer and toiletries etc. Check what your accommodation has before arriving.
  4. Know these phrases at least – Hello, Goodbye, Please, Thank you, I’m sorry.
  5. You have finished reading your book. Don’t bin it. Instead leave it in a public place with a note so whoever picks it up can enjoy it.
  6. Take loads of pictures but pay attention to the ‘no pictures or videoing’ related signs. You don’t want to be that guy or gal!
  7. Photocopy your passport and take the photocopy with you. But I prefer to scan it and save it in my emails in case I lose the photocopy too. I am clumsy.
  8. Seek recommendations from your serviced apartment concierge who will know the top venues.
  9. Ask museum staff for tips. They know their stuff..
  10. Sign up for newsletters to be updated with the best deals going and what’s new.
  11. Stay in a serviced apartment. More for your money. More space, fully equipped kitchen and Wi-Fi is generally included free unlike many hotels still charging for it.
  12. Learn how to avoid crowds. Of course you may want to go to the most popular attractions just go early to avoid crowds.
  13. If your accommodation has a gym… use it! And be prepared by bringing you gym shorts.
  14. Embrace the opportunities that travel offers. Speak to locals… if you can.

For any accommodation queries please call (0)208 520 0244 or email info@citywide-apartments.com

April Events UK. Need Accommodation? Try Serviced Apartments!

Edinburgh International Science Festival 5th – 20th April

Edinburgh Science Festival 2014

With having lived in Edinburgh I know this event is well worth a visit! This year again provides many fun and interesting events.  The Gastro Fest sounds particularly brilliant because it showcases the science of food and drink. With a look at world renowned Scottish produce through the people who produce and cook it.

The Late Lab also will be great fun because festival goers can listen, learn, make, eat and interact. If you know this is for you, we hope you enjoy it! And if you need somewhere central to stay that provides the services of a hotel and comforts of home at a better price, then simply call us.

See our serviced apartments in Edinburgh

RHS Flower Show Cardiff  Bute Park, Cardiff Castle 11th- 13th April

RHS Cardiff Flower Show

Celebrating its 10th year and a perfect family day out as it encourages those visiting to get hands on and get their hands dirty. See 60 of the top plant nurseries in Great Britain. You can purchase garden related gifts and foodie delights from the farmers market and craft village.

See our serviced apartments in Cardiff

The Crabbies Grand National Liverpool Aintree Racecourse 3rd – 5th April

The Grand National The UK’s biggest Racing event with over 154,000 visitors over the three days. We love ladies day with the excuse to get all dressed up!

See our serviced apartments in Liverpool

The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race – London  6th April

Two top rowing crews in one of the sport’s old challenges

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race 2014

The 160th Boat Race between the famous two universities. You can join the rows of people watching this historic 4 and ¼ mile course from Putney to Mortlake, London.

See our serviced apartments in London

What is so good about serviced apartments? 

Edinburgh serviced apartments

Click here and see how you can save on cost and enjoy more space and flexibility!

Your event not here? Let us know what you’re going to and we can always help.

Staying in Dublin tips; Dublin serviced apartments & Attractions

Dublin Serviced Apartments

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Irish Proverb

So we are happy to introduce Dublin serviced apartments offering a good nights sleep and access to many attractions in the heart of Dublin. Dublin is a memorable destination whether you are travelling on business, leisure or a mix of the two and our apartments are perfect for this. And they are a cost effective alternative to hotels!

You can choose from prime central Dublin showcasing many attractions and business centres or Sandyford Dublin near Sandyford Business Park full of many high profile businesses.

These Dublin serviced apartments are great value and all offer modern style.   These apartments are fully equipped with a complete kitchen for a full meal or quick breakfast.  There is ample living space to chill after a busy day and secure underground parking for those who want to bring a car.

These Dublin serviced apartments offer free WIFI, Digital TV and additional services such as luggage storage is available.

Dublin Leeson street Dublin serviced apartments

Dublin Serviced Apartments Leeson street outside

Dublin Leeson street bedroom Dublin serviced apartments

Dublin Sandyford bedroom Dublin serviced apartments

Things to do in your downtime in Dublin:

For thrill seekers letting off steam

  • Experience Gaelic games

Experience Gaelic Games while staying in Dublin serviced apartments

Experience Gaelic games is a top way to learn some culture and have a laugh at the same time!  By doing this you can get a fun mix of sport, history and soft activity. Hurling (stick and ball game) and Gaelic football are the most popular sports in Ireland and you are guaranteed a memorable Irish experience.  If you prefer to watch sports then get on over to one of Dublin’s sporting venues for a game or tour! Croke Park is the Gaelic games venue and The Aviva Lansdowne Road Stadium is the rugby stadium.  These past times will never disappoint!

For the history buffs

  • Kilmainham Gaol

This drab old jail was infamous in the 19th century for its severe treatment of prisoners.  Visiting the gail is an educating and fascinating experience into the prisons history and in fact Ireland’ history.

For music & drink fans

  • The Temple Bar Pub

Temple Bar Dublin serviced apartments

OK so it is in Dublin’s obvious and pricey Temple Bar area which attracts many tourists rather than locals. But nevertheless I have never had a bad time here and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. This traditional Irish bar is bit of an institution in Dublin! And is full of traditional music, a lively crowd, friendly staff and the drinks are good.  A must visit during your trip to Dublin.

Planning to come to Dublin? Click here to see our serviced apartments in Dublin and get in touch for more assistance!

Reading serviced apartments tips & benefits!

Reading Serviced Apartments

We offer Reading serviced apartments perfect for the individual traveller looking to be near the local business parks and London and nearby towns.  Our apartments are also ideal for those wanting to bring family along with them with the facilities of free WIFI, Digital TV and additional services such as some facilitating car parking.

Reading serviced apartments are of course popular for business clients because they are located in easy access of the town centre and business parks.  And offer the convenience of home with much more space than a cramped hotel room.  Not to mention we offer a much more cost effective choice and promise our best price guarantee.

Reading serviced apartments clipper house

Things to do in your downtime in Reading:

For thrill seekers letting off steam:

  • Delta Force Paintball Reading

Delta Force Paint Ball

Situated on the outskirts of Reading and ranked No.1 Trip adviser Reading attraction.  You can enjoy the views from the country hills in which it takes place with all sorts of game zones (one even called the haunted graveyard).

For the history buffs

  • Reading Museum

Reading serviced apartments Reading Museum

Learn a bit more about Reading’s history in the Old Town Hall.  The building is beautiful and was in fact built by the architect who built The Science Museum in London.  It is free so great for something to do with kids before a nice lunch or dinner.

For foodies

  • Sweeney & Todd Restaurant
  • Picnic
  • Carluccios

Picnic cafe, Reading

Speaking of lunch and dinner. Of course you can easily prepare a full meal in any of our Reading serviced apartments but if you have had a long day and wish to unwind in a nice eatery. Then check out Sweeney and Todd Restaurants for their award winning pies. Of course a British classic and ultimate comfort food!

For lazy Saturday lunch check out Picnic.  A great little independent deli café in the town centre with pretty hanging baskets. And modestly priced! For something posher of course there is Carluccios for the ultimate authentic Italian food at reasonable prices.

If you need to temporarily relocate to Reading or are visiting the area please feel free to contact us and let us do all the hard work for you!  See our apartments here and give us a call. More apartments to come also!