Holiday Travel in 2014

Whose Travelling

Younger people are the most positive about 2014 travel with 29% of 16-24 year old’s saying they will spend more on holidays than in 2013. Along with the baby boomer’s aged 55-64 increasing their number of breaks. It is great to hear that many people are trying to holiday more than they have done so in recent years.

Where Are You Going?

UK Destinations that look set to continue to be big for city breaks include London, Manchester, York, Blackpool and Edinburgh. Popular Brit long haul destinations include Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean in 2014. South East Asia is a returning favourite for UK holidaymakers in 2014.

Fun Travel Trend – See TV Locations In The Flesh

There has been a boom in people wanting to visit film or TV show locations this year such as New Mexico, home to arguably one of the most popular TV series of all time, Breaking Bad!

Breaking Bad

Along with strong demand for tours in Northern Ireland to visit locations used in the popular Game of Thrones TV series, where visitors can explore the stunning Causeway coast and Glens. We have holiday apartments in Belfast which is a bustling revamped city within easy access to the Game of Thrones tours and stunning Causeway coast.

Game of Thrones - serviced apartments in Belfast

The continuing popularity of Downton Abbey will encourage many to visit stately homes across the UK.

Travel Apps

Travel apps have gotten smart and it looks like they will continue to get smarter as gadgets will continue to shrink and get smarter with phalets (smartphone-tablet hybrids).

Travel companies will continue to provide digital assistance to make travel more convenient on mobile devices.

I have to say, personally my favourite and most used travel app is from EasyJet. The European flight operator offers my most convenient travel app and I think all flight operators should adopt… and probably will.

You can book via your smartphone, check in via your smartphone, and scan your boarding pass at the airport via your smartphone.  Simple! No paper, no hassle plus you can track your flight so know whether there are delays before leaving for the airport… all from your smartphone or hand held device.

Travel App Easyjet

Serviced Apartments Industry Is Booming

Hotels have been ingrained in people’s mind for so long and they do serve a good purpose however the benefits serviced apartments have been less known especially for holiday travellers. But this is changing because it is ‘boom time’ for the industry.

People are realising the benefits of serviced apartments for both holiday and business travel. Simon Calder who is Britain’s leading travel commentator believes this is an exciting time for the serviced apartment industry and what it offers to “improving the lives of us lucky travellers”.

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