14 Top Travel Tips | By Citywide Serviced Apartments

Top Travel Tips

  1. Call your bank or Credit Card Company before you leave and let them know you are going away. No one needs banking problems when in a foreign country ‘cough cough’ me.
  2. Take notes of your day because you may not remember all the quirky details as much as you think you will. Makes for an interesting read after you leave.
  3. Don’t pack what you can get at your accommodation. i.e. a hairdryer and toiletries etc. Check what your accommodation has before arriving.
  4. Know these phrases at least – Hello, Goodbye, Please, Thank you, I’m sorry.
  5. You have finished reading your book. Don’t bin it. Instead leave it in a public place with a note so whoever picks it up can enjoy it.
  6. Take loads of pictures but pay attention to the ‘no pictures or videoing’ related signs. You don’t want to be that guy or gal!
  7. Photocopy your passport and take the photocopy with you. But I prefer to scan it and save it in my emails in case I lose the photocopy too. I am clumsy.
  8. Seek recommendations from your serviced apartment concierge who will know the top venues.
  9. Ask museum staff for tips. They know their stuff..
  10. Sign up for newsletters to be updated with the best deals going and what’s new.
  11. Stay in a serviced apartment. More for your money. More space, fully equipped kitchen and Wi-Fi is generally included free unlike many hotels still charging for it.
  12. Learn how to avoid crowds. Of course you may want to go to the most popular attractions just go early to avoid crowds.
  13. If your accommodation has a gym… use it! And be prepared by bringing you gym shorts.
  14. Embrace the opportunities that travel offers. Speak to locals… if you can.

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