Serviced apartments are great for corporate travel


Serviced apartments are up to 30% bigger on average than a hotel room of the same standard.  There is much more in this space including additional facilities such as a kitchen, dining area and living space.  Having the extra space and facilities means added privacy as you do not have to venture far if with everything at your fingertips.


The ample facilities of a serviced apartment give you the freedom to live as you wish.  The full kitchen means that you can decide when you want to eat.  Fancy a midnight snack? No problem. Been a long day and you would rather dine in? Done! You can have informal business meetings in your apartment and you have the ease of coming and going as you please.


It is no secret that serviced apartments offer savings of up to 30%. The cooking amenities can save you a fortune on eating out costs, which for the first few days are fine but then suddenly costs can spiral.  Wireless internet is important to most of us and more serviced apartments have free wi-fi than hotels. More than 70% of serviced apartments have free internet.

Longer stays

Serviced apartments are great for a short business trip such as a conference but those on a longer stay, fear not over accommodation costs.   This is because the longer you stay in a serviced apartment, the cheaper the rate gets. Plus after 28 nights the VAT drops from 20% to 4% for any UK based apartments. Serviced apartments are therefore ideal for temporary relocation’s, projects and interim housing.


As serviced apartments have multiple rooms, this is great for groups of colleagues who want the privacy of a bedroom but social aspect of an apartment.  Serviced apartments offer the benefit of bringing family along so offer a great work live balance.

Whether you are a business manager wanting to ensure staff feel comfortable when travelling on business or you are a corporate booker seeking to book the perfect accommodation, serviced apartments can deliver this. Contact us for information on our apartments.

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