Why We Love Serviced Apartments (And You Should, Too!)


Not only do serviced apartments have fully functional kitchens making cooking easy. They have proper living space with a TV, sofa and dining facilities.

Many serviced apartments offer Sky TV or Freeview TV and some have even introduced Netflix for convenience during your stay because lets face it, we all love our modern comforts!

This is great especially if you are travelling for a medium to long stay. The cherry on top of the serviced apartments cake is that the vast majority of serviced apartments offer ‘free fast speed’ Wi-Fi, which can’t be said for lots of hotels.


Prefer to eat breakfast in your pyjamas?  Then we say… go for it! Serviced apartments provide the living space as if you were at home.  Perhaps you have had a long week or late night and aren’t too excited about getting up early for hotel breakfast times.  When staying in a serviced apartment, you no longer have to worry about annoying set breakfast times. You can eat when and what you want.

Fits In Around Your Routine

Of course when travelling, it’s nice to break from the daily routine.  However perhaps this is not the case if we are travelling for an extended period of time.

When travelling for work, the lack of space and facilities of a hotel room can be annoying because it can interrupt our lifestyle.  For example a particular diet or hobby like yoga may be hard to maintain. However staying in a serviced apartment means you can continue doing the things you love in your own privacy.


Indeed with plenty more facilities and space, you get more bang for your buck.  Serviced apartments are priced per apartment, not per person adding the benefit of maximising on space, saving money. Plus with a full kitchen, there is opportunity to save on restaurant bills.


You are ‘never’ far from public transport when staying in a serviced apartment.  In fact the transport links are great because most apartments are in prime areas.


Now, the sound of more space sounds great.  But nobody wants to have to forfeit hotel services for more space.  Well no need to worry because serviced apartments offer important hotel services including maid service as standard and concierge. Not to mention many other services depending on the serviced apartment.

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