6 things to do differently when on holiday

Schedule plenty of down time:

We all know how tempting it can be when we visit somewhere new to want to see it all.  But by scheduling in down time, we can avoid being completely exhausted at the end of our trip and have maximum energy to put into the things that we do.  No one wants to be nodding off at a game because they are too tired to enjoy it.

Keep packing list with:

For those doing a multi-destination trip or holiday, bring a list of items to check off each time you move, so that there is no ‘oh no I forgot that’ feeling on arrival at the next place.

Pack things to keep stress at bay:

Bring items such as a pillow for long distance travelling and earphones. Practical items make for a happier trip. No one wants to be tired and grumpy because they have been kept up all night.

Avoid crowds:

Sometimes this can’t be avoided if we want to see the top holiday attractions. Unless we get up early and before everyone else arrives. So for top attractions arrive before the crowds do or even better… go to the places that are off the beaten track or where the locals go.  Not only will there be the opportunity to see the destination in its authentic glory, we get to avoid all the queuing and pressure of a packed atmosphere.

Don’t go straight for the big chain hotel option:

They may be recognisable and are great for one night. Anything from a couple of days opens up the possibilities. B&B’s, guest houses and serviced apartments are other great options.  Serviced apartments offer home like accommodation with the services of a hotel at competitively better prices so give the best of both worlds. Give them a go if you haven’t already.

Keep what we enjoy in mind.

Ok so Trip advisor says that a particular museum is the top thing to do but we would rather find a nice bistro or bar, the do so.  Top attractions are only a guide.

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