Travel Advice For Visiting The UK

Coming to the UK or thinking about it?  Here are some lessons I have learnt from travelling along with some advice regarding my native land.

  • Back up all your photographs using free online cloud based storage like Google Drive or Windows One Drive.  I learned this the hard way after loosing half of my pictures of South East Asia so I swear by it now.Cloud based online storage
  • Back up all your important documents in online storage as this can help sort out lost documents much easier.
  • Pack zip lock bags. When flying to the UK, you are required to put all your liquids into a clear sealable bag for security.
  • Kindles are made for travel. Getting a flight, train journey or staying in London and suspect using the underground a lot? Then the Kindle becomes a good friend.
  • Use Skyscanner for booking flights to the UK and within the UK – easily the best flight comparison website. Plus you can check prices by month or the whole year so know when the best time to travel is.
  • If you are travelling to Britain on business, why not join business with pleasure and extend your stay to experience Britain with your family or partner?  See what Britain has to offer not only as a top business destination but also as a major holiday destination.
  • Learn the lingo.  Word Lense App is great for translation and free to download onto any smart device.  If you want to brush up on your English then this app is great. It also has numerous other languages.
  • Stay in a serviced apartment. OK so we are a serviced apartment agency so you may think we are trying to plug something.  But all I’m going to say is try them for yourself and make your own judgement.  Much cheaper than a hotel room if you are staying for a little longer than a couple of weeks and have the facilities of home meaning you can really feel like a local.  Great for groups and families too. See our serviced apartments here.

Serviced apartments

  • Wake up early – avoid crowds. Unless you are a morning person it may be hard to get up early initially but places are always better early.
  • Splurge now and again. If you can afford to splurge more then go for it. Whether it is a fancy meal or staying in luxury accommodation, everyone deserves a treat!
  • Pack ear plugs. Just in case.
  • Ask locals for recommendations. Locals always know where the best places are. You may also find gems that aren’t necessarily in the guides.
  • Come to the UK prepared for the weather.  Don’t let the forecast fool you.  The further north you go the more layers you pack. Pack enough layers that you can remove them as required.British Weather
  • The myth that British food is bland and boring just isn’t  true and modern British cuisine is taking centre stage these days in the UK. From local ciders of Bristol, Haggis of Edinburgh, potato bread from Belfast, Cheddar cheese to Lancashire Hot Pot there are plenty of traditionally British foods and dishes that will tickle your taste buds.Modern British Cuisine
  • This may be an obvious one but book in advance.
  • Travel more. If you have the urge, do not ignore it.

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